By: Genia & Fred

Joe, Thank you for selling our home for the second time in 18 years and Thank you for all your hard work and patience throughout the process. Your listening skills helped us find the perfect place that suits our individual needs and wants. You nailed it and We are SOLD!!

By: Steph & Amelia, lawyers

“Joe, Thank you very much for your expertise. You made the process easy”

By: Raquel and Rob

“Joe, With your experience, it was easy to see how much you excel at what you do”

By: Dianne, Realtor

“Joe, Wonderful and truly appreciated working with such a professional”

By: Craig, President and CEO

“Joe, Wow… Who produced that”

By: Paul

“Joe ,Innovative take on promotion”

By: Lynn

“Joe, Amazing, great way to capture a beautiful neighbourhood & showcase a home”

By: Yvonne

“Joe, Your the best! thank you”

By: Peter

“Joe, This is great! The presentation is fantastic”

By: Gail

“Joe, I felt confident in you and trusted your decisions, you held my hand through every step having to deal with closing on my own”

By: Trina, President & CEO

“Joe, Your the Best!

By: Dr. Richard and Penny

“ Joe, Thank you for all your hard work”

By: Vera and Richard

“Joe, Thank you for guiding us through the sale of our home, smooth transition made in part by your attention to all the details”

By: Morris and Sharon, President & CEO

“ Joe with your guidance, we achieved the results in a significantly shorter period of time, no hesitation in highly recommending Joe Pitino”

By: Nisreen

“Joe, Have such a great team which made all the difference”

By: Steve & leanne

“Joe, Thank you again for your hard work, support and guidance”

By: Cory

“ Joe, Thank you for your help, stressful but painless process”

By: Cheryl

“Joe your the best real estate broker ever”

By: Bruce and Jill

“Joe we really appreciate all your hard work”

By: Colina

“Joe, True Professional! would recommend Joe Pitino as a great Realtor”

By: Steve

“Joe was Awesome, above and beyond”

By: Angela

“Joe, You made my search for a condo an enjoyable experience”

By: Don and Lois

“Joe has become our friend and walked us through to our new stage in Life”

By: Laurie President & CEO

“Joe, Thank you for your efforts, leadership, you went above and beyond our expectations”

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