Below are what clients are saying about Joe Pitino

By: Steph & Amelia, lawyers

“Joe, Thank you very much for your expertise. You made the process easy”

By: Raquel and Rob

“Joe, With your experience, it was easy to see how much you excel at what you do”

By: Dianne, Realtor

“Joe, Wonderful and truly appreciated working with such a professional”

By: Craig, President and CEO

“Joe, Wow… Who produced that”

By: Paul

“Joe ,Innovative take on promotion”

By: Lynn

“Joe, Amazing, great way to capture a beautiful neighbourhood & showcase a home”

By: Yvonne

“Joe, Your the best! thank you”

By: Peter

“Joe, This is great! The presentation is fantastic”

By: Gail

“Joe, I felt confident in you and trusted your decisions, you held my hand through every step having to deal with closing on my own”

By: Trina, President & CEO

“Joe, Your the Best!

By: Dr. Richard and Penny

“ Joe, Thank you for all your hard work”

By: Vera and Richard

“Joe, Thank you for guiding us through the sale of our home, smooth transition made in part by your attention to all the details”

By: Morris and Sharon, President & CEO

“ Joe with your guidance, we achieved the results in a significantly shorter period of time, no hesitation in highly recommending Joe Pitino”

By: Nisreen

“Joe, Have such a great team which made all the difference”

By: Steve & leanne

“Joe, Thank you again for your hard work, support and guidance”

By: Cory

“ Joe, Thank you for your help, stressful but painless process”

By: Cheryl

“Joe your the best real estate broker ever”

By: Bruce and Jill

“Joe we really appreciate all your hard work”

By: Colina

“Joe, True Professional! would recommend Joe Pitino as a great Realtor”

By: Steve

“Joe was Awesome, above and beyond”

By: Angela

“Joe, You made my search for a condo an enjoyable experience”

By: Don and Lois

“Joe has become our friend and walked us through to our new stage in Life”

By: Laurie President & CEO

“Joe, Thank you for your efforts, leadership, you went above and beyond our expectations”